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Founder Franz Xaver Huber starts his company in the Bavarian town of Wessobrunn near Weilheim.


The company name “Karwendelspitze” creates a unified brand identity.


For reasons of better traffic infrastructure and growing space requirements, company headquarters are moved to Buchloe, where a new production facility is constructed.


Artur and Helmuth Huber take over the company management.


The company is rebranded under the memorable name “Karwendel”.


The hugely successful cream cheese brand “Exquisa” is launched.


Deliciously airy and light: Karwendel-Werke expands its product offering with the fantastically light cream cheese brand “miree” with several varieties.


Like father, like son: The third generation of Hubers, embodied by Dr. Wilfried Huber, joins the business.


Seductively delicious and low-fat: Exquisa launches a range of natural and fruit-based fromage frais varieties, the first available on the market with just 0.2% fat content in the brand-typical 500 g container.


Europe’s first cheesecake snack is born in Buchloe: The “Cheesecake Snack” is introduced under the Exquisa brand – a juicy and delicious snack between meals or on the go, baked with premium quality cream cheese and offered in a practical portion size.


Dr. Wilfried Huber takes the helm.


Karwendel-Werke introduces a true innovation to the cream cheese segment: Exquisa cream cheese slices. The family-run company once again proves that tradition, innovation and technological advances can be successfully combined.


Karwendel-Werke celebrates its 100th anniversary: One of the most important and prestigious, privately owned dairy companies in Germany – born in a small, rented dairy back in 1909. The products of this company, managed by the third generation of the founding family, are much sought-after and renowned across Europe.


The company implements a high-performance cogeneration plant to supply the power for its own facility requirements. The plant helps save 35% of primary energy. Karwendel-Werke once again proves that sustainable business management id an integral part of the company culture.


Cleverly positioned and incredibly delicious: Exquisa launches a new cream cheese generation on the market. In addition to a new, even more delicious recipe, Exquisa cream cheese is presented in a new, high-end packaging. A wide coverage TV campaign revamps the popular jingle “Mmmh Exquisa... keiner schmeckt mir so wie dieser”.


With the foundation of the subsidiary NOA GmbH & Co. KG a second, plant-based pillar emerges. The brand name NOA originates of the capital letters of a combination of german words suitable to the brand (the translated words: raw material, original recipes and authentic products). The products not only appeal to vegans and vegetarians, but show perfectly clear how yummy plant-based products can be for everyone.


Exquisa launches product range "Exquisa Fitline Protein" for everyone wanting a diet that's high in protein. Exquisa Fitline Protein is the ideal combination of little fat, a high amount of protein and incredibly creamy fromage frais. Perfect before and after training or as a snack, that's high in protein. Available in five tasty varieties.


Exquisa launces product range "Exquisa Mild Skyr", that offers a special Skyr taste experience for everyone wanting to enjoy icelandic tradition. Thanks to the special production process, Exquisa Mild Skyr tastes incomparably mild and offers three yummy varieties low in fat and high in protein. 


The brand Exquisa turns 50 years old and looks back on its success: starting with the production of cream cheese, Exquisa nowadays offers incomparably creamy cream cheese, fromage frais in different fat stages, Mild Skyr for everyone wanting to enjoy icelandig tradition, a Fitline-range for people interested in a balanced diet and cheesecake snacks to go. 


The company Karwendel-Werke celebrates a very special anniversary: 111 years Karwendel. Still led in third-generation, Karwendel products delight their fans and are popular in Germany and european countries.


Newly made: the brand miree presents itself in a new pot and lid and uniquely attractive design. The unique consistency of miree remains untouched, of course, and guarantees the highes indulgence. 


Incomparable Exquisa-taste, creaminess and unique indulgence - 100% vegan: after a long tradition in the production of milk products, Exquisa joins the growing vegan market and launches a plant-based cream cheese alternative. Exquisa fans can look forward to two popular varieties: nature and herbs of provence, 100% vegan and made of chickpeas. A real innovation!


NOA appears with a new packaging! While the much loved taste of NOA products and their formulas remain the same, the packaging now shines in bright colours and a clearer design. Also, the new NOA packaging is now 96% recycable.


Exquisa launches their new product line ZERO: fromage frais with 0% added sugar! The products don't use added sugar and therefore contain about 70% less sugar than usual fromage frais products - perfect for a conscious diet.


NOA launches plant-based cheese slice alternatives in two yummy varieties. The plant-based slices "Natural" based on chickpea-protein are allrounders, suitable for bread, burger or sandwiches. For a real taste-explosion, the plant-based slices "Fenugreek" come in handy with their slightly nutty taste. Both varieties are ideal for gratinating.