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You’d be hard pressed to find someone in Germany, who wouldn’t recognise our jingle. “Mmmh Exquisa … keiner schmeckt mir so wie dieser” – this slogan has accompanied our highly successful cream cheese and fromage frais products since the 1970s and emphasises that which makes Exquisa products unique: a taste like no other. The cream cheese and fromage frais specialists at Exquisa always find a way to make simple food EXTRA special – and that is the “Mmmh” effect.


Exquisa cream cheese specialities always taste great – as a simple and delicious spread on fresh bread, or as an ingredient for cooking or baking. The secret behind the unrivalled Exquisa taste: more than 111 years of experience in milk processing, fresh milk from regional farms and premium quality ingredients!

Our “Creamy” cream cheese product line is an absolute classic: The whipped double-cream recipe promises a creamy taste like no other. And for those watching their figure, Exquisa has a whole range of cream cheese varieties with different levels of fat content. Adventurous connoisseurs will find many different and always new taste varieties to choose from. The cream cheese range “Creation” with its seasonal concept “Creation of the Year” makes trying new flavours interesting and fun.


Natural and pure or fruity and sweet: The Exquisa fromage frais selection offers classic varieties as well as many different and exciting specialities for calorie counters and connoisseurs. The creamy fromage frais natural is a true all-rounder and always incredibly delicious: as a snack on its own or as a special ingredient in creative dishes. It adds elegance to sweet desserts without adding unnecessary calories. The natural variety also comes to the fore in spicy main courses and hearty dips. The delicious fruit and seasonal varieties come with various levels of fat content – there are so many to choose from that your favourite is sure to be among them!

Fromage frais is not just delicious and versatile, it can also be helpful as part of a well-balanced diet. It contains valuable calcium and provides the body with high-quality milk protein.

A special taste experience: Exquisa Mild Skyr

High in protein and low in fat, Exquisa Mild Skyr offers an icelandic taste experience. Thanks to the special production process, Exquisa Mild Skyr tastes unbelievably creamy and mild. Available in three yummy varieties for everyone wanting to enjoy a balanced diet that's high in protein. Exquisa Mild Skyr is also ideal combined with fresh fruit and crunchy cereal and perfect for cooking, for example substituting creme fraiche, for baking or as a shake. 

0% added sugar? Now available:

With our new product range Exquisa ZERO you can now enjoy especially creamy Exquisa quark, combined with different flavours and without added sugar! Available in four yummy varieties.

For the extra portion protein:

Exquisa Fitline Protein is the perfect choice for everyone wanting a diet rich in protein. With four yummy varieties, people get to have a different tastes of the perfect combination of little fat, a high amount of protein and unbelievably creamy quark. Perfect before and after training. 

Yummy and light

Exquisa also offers cottage cheese, which is incredibly light and yet full of flavour, sporting 0,8% fat.


The Exquisa Cheesecake Snack is baked with the very best cream cheese, making it extra juicy and delicious – it comes in a perfect portion size for your tea break or as a little snack between meals.

Exquisa 100% vegan!

Everyone following a vegan diet can now enjoy Exquisa! Based on our decade-long know-how regarding cream cheese, we launched the first vegan cream cheese alternative made of chickpeas: the new Exquisa 100% vegan is especially creamy, yummy and now available in three varieties: Nature, herbs of Provence and Cherry Tomato-Chili.

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