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There are times during the day, when you just have to take a little break and miree makes these little breaks an airy and light delight! The many miree cream cheese varieties are just perfect for many occasions: They will taste just as great at a romantic picnic for two, as a little snack in between, or when sharing some quality time around the dinner table with your family. Try miree as a light and delicious topping for fresh bread, rolls or croissants or as a delicious and tasty dip for fresh, crunchy vegetables. Our miree cream cheese varieties are also great and flavoursome ingredients for a creative kitchen.


We offer a great variety of airy and light cream cheese varieties for you to try: How about a fresh baguette with miree French Herbs, salmon with miree and Fresh Horseradish or miree Paprika-Chili as a tasty dip for your grill party – there is no end to what you can do with miree in your kitchen!


Melts in your mouth: Its incredibly airy and light consistency makes miree cream cheese absolutely irresistible. Our meticulous and low-impact manufacturing processes ensure that all the beneficial effects of the quality ingredients remain intact.. The use of only the very best raw materials and a complete lack of conservatives ensure the consistently high, award-winning quality of our miree cream cheese specialities. Many of them win DLG medals year after year and Ökotest honoured the classic variety miree French Herbs with an “Excellent” label.

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